Kerala’s leading invisalign provider since 2016


One of the largest Invisalign provider in kerala since 2016

Discover the epitome of discreet orthodontic correction with Invisalign, our clear aligner system offering virtually invisible teeth straightening. As one of the pioneers, we have been among the first Invisalign providers in India and have ranked as one of the largest providers in Kerala since 2016. Setting new standards in dental technology, we were also among the first clinics in Kerala to introduce intra-oral scanners, revolutionizing the impression process.

Our in-house intra-oral scanner not only enhances precision but has significantly reduced the time required to receive aligners compared to other clinics. This innovation has been especially beneficial for our international clients, ensuring efficient and effective orthodontic care with Invisalign.

Why Invisalign ?

Custom made, Transparent, Biocompatible Devices
Ideal for adult patient
Alternative To Traditional Braces
Very Comfortable
No Diet Restrictions
No monthly Visits


How are aligners made?
They are custom made for each patient. The dentist first creates a 3D simulation of the patient’s teeth and jaw The treatment is then planned In Stages A series of Aligners are fabricated The forces required for moving teeth to ideal position is incorporated into each Orthodontic Aligner Each Aligner worn for 1 – 2 Weeks

Why invisalign ? Why Not any other brand?
Pioneers In Aligner Orthodontic Therapy. Worlds Most Advanced Clear Aligner System.Over 5 Million Cases treated World Wide.Powerful R & D Team.Invisalign holds numerous patents – Power ridges, Smart track material, Smart Force, etc.Constant training and peer review system to improve the orthodontist’s skill.

Why Dr. Sunny’s Dental Clinic for Invisalign Therapy?
¨ Dr. Joseph Sunny has undergone extensive training in Invisalign therapy under international faculty and is constantly upgrading his skills. Has been practicing invisalign therapy since the time of its introduction in India

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