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Invisalign / Braces

Embark on a transformative orthodontic journey for a beautifully aligned smile. Our skilled orthodontists use advanced techniques to correct malalignments and enhance tooth symmetry. Choose between discreet Invisalign, offering virtually invisible teeth straightening, and traditional braces, a time-tested method with brackets and wires. Invisalign provides a comfortable and aesthetic alternative, while braces effectively address various orthodontic conditions for precise alignment and a confident smile. Explore our comprehensive orthodontic treatment options for optimal results. As one of the first Invisalign providers in India and among the largest in Kerala since 2015, we bring extensive expertise to your orthodontic care. Additionally, pioneering the use of intra-oral scanners in Kerala, we’ve replaced traditional impressions with advanced technology, enhancing your overall experience at our clinic.

Dental Implants

Discover the pinnacle of tooth replacement solutions at our dental clinic. Our skilled professionals specialize in dental implant procedures, utilizing advanced techniques for secure and lasting results. Immerse yourself in the transformative benefits of our implant services, restoring both function and aesthetics to your smile. Explore our comprehensive dental implant options designed to enhance your oral health and overall well-being.

Root Canal Treatments and fillings

Experience excellence in restorative dentistry with our specialized root canal treatments and fillings. Our expert dental team employs advanced techniques to address dental decay and infection, ensuring optimal oral health. Discover the precision of our procedures, designed to be pain free and restore the integrity of your teeth. Explore our comprehensive solutions, seamlessly integrating root canal therapy and expertly crafted fillings, to promote lasting dental wellness and enhance your overall oral care experience.

Children's Dental Care

Nurture your child’s oral health with our specialized paediatric dental care services. Our compassionate team is dedicated to creating a positive and comfortable environment, ensuring gentle and effective dental treatments for young smiles. From preventive measures to early interventions, we prioritize your child’s dental well-being. Explore our comprehensive children’s dental care offerings, designed to instil lifelong oral hygiene habits and promote a healthy foundation for their smiles. Trust us for expert, kid-friendly dental solutions that prioritize your child’s comfort and overall dental wellness.

Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures

Elevate your smile with our comprehensive restorative dentistry services, specializing in crowns, bridges, and dentures. Our skilled dental team utilizes advanced techniques to provide customized solutions for missing or damaged teeth. Explore our range of options designed to enhance both function and aesthetics, ensuring lasting and natural-looking results. From individual tooth restoration to comprehensive smile transformations, our expertise in crowns, bridges, and dentures ensures optimal oral health and a confident smile. Discover the art of restorative dentistry at our clinic, where precision meets personalized care for enduring dental wellness.

Teeth Whitening

Reveal a brighter, more radiant smile with our professional teeth whitening services. Our skilled dental team utilizes advanced techniques to safely and effectively address stains and discolorations, restoring the natural brilliance of your teeth. Explore our personalized teeth whitening options tailored to your unique needs. In addition to traditional methods, discover the enhanced precision and efficiency of laser teeth whitening. This innovative approach utilizes advanced laser technology to accelerate the whitening process, ensuring remarkable results in a shorter time frame. Elevate your oral aesthetics and embrace a whiter, brighter smile with our comprehensive teeth whitening solutions. Trust us for expert care, where your radiant smile is our commitment.

Gum Treatment

Prioritize your periodontal health with our specialized gum treatment services. Our expert dental team employs advanced techniques to address gum-related concerns, ensuring optimal oral wellness. Explore our personalized gum treatment options, designed to combat gingivitis, periodontitis, and other gum conditions. From preventive measures to therapeutic interventions, our comprehensive approach emphasizes the importance of healthy gums in maintaining overall oral health. Trust us for expert care that prioritizes your unique dental needs, promoting gum health and enhancing your smile. Discover the art of gum treatment at our clinic, where your well-being is our priority.

Tooth extractions

Experience gentle and precise tooth extraction services tailored to your dental needs. Our expert dental team utilizes advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable and efficient extraction process. Explore our comprehensive tooth extraction services, encompassing various dental conditions, including wisdom tooth extraction. Trust our specialized wisdom tooth extraction services to address the unique challenges posed by these molars. Our skilled professionals employ advanced procedures to alleviate discomfort and prevent potential oral issues associated with wisdom teeth. Explore our personalized solutions designed to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience during the extraction process. Whether it’s a routine extraction or addressing wisdom tooth concerns, rely on our expertise for optimal dental care. Your comfort and well-being are our priorities.


Experience expert ENT treatment and consultation, where our skilled specialist provide personalized care for a spectrum of ear, nose, and throat conditions, ensuring your optimal health and well-being. With our seasoned ENT specialist boasting extensive expertise, we deliver comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services tailored to your unique needs. At our clinic, we take pride in our cutting-edge facilities and advanced technology, enabling precise diagnoses and effective treatments. Whether you’re grappling with common ENT concerns or more intricate disorders, entrust us to provide you with the utmost level of care. Choose us for exceptional ENT services alongside our renowned dental expertise.

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